9 Muses (Work in Progress)

Ea Torrado. Diwata of Dance.

"I would say with any form of art, and that includes dance...you can really only create awareness and create more room for empathy in the audience, or make them realize again what it means to be human, to be understanding of 'the other' - other people other than you and your background and your skin tone."// Meet Ea Torrado, Diwata of Dance: contemporary dancer, choreographer, and founder and artistic director of Daloy Dance Company, which focuses on socially conscious works and workshops that explore themes of cultural and historical identity, social politics, and gender representation, in our exclusive interview on HellaPinay.com

Gingee. Diwata of Music.

 "I love representing for Pinay women/WOC and exposing people to sounds they haven't heard before...creating my music and live performances have been a way for me to build a sense of identity for myself, in a world I don't see myself reflected in, and hopefully it inspires others to create as well." Meet Gingee, Diwata of Music: a DJ, producer, vocalist, and contemporary kulintang fusion artist repping her Filipina-Los Angeleno roots and pushing for more visibility for Pilipinx artists in the current musical landscape. Read more about how this multitalented artists fuses different parts of her identity to create totally unique, yet still very Pilipinx, sounds in our exclusive interview on HellaPinay.com

Leslie Ferrer Espinosa. Diwata of Diaspora.

“Here [in the Philippines] there's roots, soul, heart - a part of myself that was never unlocked now feels whole." // Meet Leslie Ferrer Espinosa, Diwata of Diaspora: hair & makeup artist, performer, educator, and co-founder of Kapwa Studio and Burlesque PH. Peep our convo with Leslie about pursuing the Philippine Dream, the concept of finding "home," and how she went to the motherland looking for inspiration and ended up finding herself in our exclusive interview at HellaPinay.com

Kakki Teodoro. Diwata of Business.

"There is so much opportunity now to start your own business, so if you have an idea, put things into action ASAP! You will find that if this is your path, things will fall into place and people come into your life to help you grow further. Every chance encounter - and even mistakes - will help you in your journey." // Meet Kakki Teodoro, Diwata of Business: Theatre actor, TV and event host, and CEO and founder of Diet Diva, one of the top meal delivery services in Metro Manila, Kakki is the true embodiment of a Diwata of Business, the patron saint of hustle. Learn how through positivity, gratitude, and a lot of hard work, Kakki founded her own company and works to empower people to love their bodies and to change how Pilipinxs think and talk about body image in our exclusive interview at HellaPinay.com

Joyen Santos. Diwata of Darkness.

Although Joyen says that she doesn't perform with any deeper intentions than pure aesthetics and love of the artform, to me it seems like she's treading the deeper waters not just of kink and sexuality, but of the human mind and experience, and of Philippine society as a whole, as explored through sensual arts. She's smart and observant as hell, and has a lot to say about human motivations, the status of women as marginalized in society, and female empowerment. Going back to the idea of duality, we speak about power dynamics in BDSM and relationships, and the idea of being one way in public and the opposite in private. "It's actually really common; you have to rotate the power. You have to give, you have to take. Because it gets tiring if you're just on one side of the wheel, it has to turn. One way or another."

Read on to get acquainted with the two sides of the Queen of the Manila Underworld in our exclusive interview. - HellaPinay.com

Maronne Cruz. Diwata of Theatre.

Truly chameleon-like, her voice changing from husky to chirpy in a span of seconds, Maronne is super animated, cracking jokes and laughing a lot, with a bit of sarcastic and self-depricating humor. Her extremely versatile look makes itself apparent as she magically transforms from a Manila cool girl into an literal video game fairy, from her sky blue lips down to her rhinestone-encrusted rainbow nails. With two palm leaves in her hair secured in place by steel styling clips and clad in a lacy crushed-velvet gown, something about her reminds me of Rihanna's infamous doobie wrap look from the 2013 AMA's - polished and glamorous, but with some very unexpected edges. This actually feels close to her work as an actor, as she aims to showcase the diversity of women and show that you can be weird or awkward and still play the lead. She really embraces the qualities that make her different, and what she strives to portray through her work clearly comes from a genuine place.

Read on as we bond over Queen, anime, and cosplay, over not fitting into a traditional mold, and about wanting to represent the diversity of Pinays through different mediums. Maronne also discusses the rise of original Pilipinx material that highlights the unique strengths of modern Pilipinas, and how the definition of femininity is currently being challenged through the stage. - HellaPinay.com

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